1. I Have an exact design that I would like how can I send it?
    First place your order than send us your order number with the design you would like. Either on our Facebook page or email kmd.designs@hotmail.com
  2.  How do I wash my products?
    All products are hand wash only. Please use a sponge and once dry you can use again!
  3. I'm really confused with ordering.. HELP!!
    No need to panic just contact us at kmd.designs@hotmail.com or at KMD DESIGNS on Facebook!
  4. How will I know if you understand all my order comments?
    Not hearing from us is a good thing! Unless we have trouble with your order we will contact you otherwise you are good to go. 
  5. My items arrive broken. What do I do?
    Please contact us with all you order information and a photo as soon as you receive your damaged item.
  6. What is your turnaround time?
    Turnaround time is currently at 2-4 weeks.
  7. I want to place a large order do I receive a bulk order discount?
    Yes you do :) type in BULKORDER to receive 15% any order over $100. 
  8. What do you use on the glasses and will the glitter shed?
    All of our glasses are made with durable vinyl. Glitter will not shed it is sealed multiple times!
  9. Do you ship all over Canada and internationally?
    Yes we do!